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Welcome to the Manatee Pocket website where you will find plenty of information about the Manatee Pocket dredging project.  Over the years, muck accumulated in the bed of the Manatee Pocket and the larger St. Lucie Estuary, negatively impacting the natural environment and reducing access to homes, businesses and recreational activities along the Pocket.

After six years of research and planning, The Manatee Pocket dredging project began in July 2010 and was completed in December 2011, restoring the historic navigability of this important waterway while also improving the environmental health of the Pocket. More than 280,000 cubic yards of material were removed to create a main channel using a hydraulic system that minimizes any turbidity in the water. Then, through a pipe running inside of public right-of-ways, the material was transported to a handling site where it was dried and taken offsite.

A mechanical dredging process was used to remove sediment in the tributaries.  Unlike the hydraulic dredging process where material is transported to the handling area through a pipeline, the mechanical dredge lifted material out of the waterway onto a barge and was then offloaded at the staging area in Sandsprit Park.

The result for the Main Channel of the Manatee Pocket is a 100 ft. wide channel, restoring the Pocket to environmental and economic health once again.

We hope this site will give you a better understanding of the environmental, recreational and economic benefits of the Manatee Pocket and the importance of this dredging project to Martin County.

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